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  • What is matter if display show "EEEE"?

    AIf "EEEE" appears on the display,then the item's weight has exceeded the maximum capacity of the scale.Remove item immediately.Scale can be permanently damaged by overloading.
  • QWhat is “Calibration”?

    ACalibration is the process of adjusting a scales precision using known weights (calibration weights). Calibration should only be performed if your scale is not weighing properly. After calibration, the scale should display the exact weight that is placed on the tray (within a certain tolerance), and also go to Zero when removing any weight. Typically, a scale calibrates at two points: zero and at the end of its span (span calibration). So, for 500g/0.1g, calibration starts with nothing on the scale (to get the zero weight), then the scale will ask for a 500g weight. Other scales might have linear calibration, which calibrates at 3 points (zero, center span, end span). You should check your user manual for calibration instructions.
  • QWhat's your quality guarantee period?

    A2 Years from shipment. Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident (dropping or otherwise shocking the scale) normal wear & tear, incorrect calibration, shipping damage or physical damage. Accessories, bowls, trays, finishes, calibration, clasps, hinges, feet, AC adaptors and batteries are not covered by this warranty. Also any incidental or consequential damage or loss is not covered.
  • QCan you provide OEM or ODM service?

    AYes, we have strong developing team to support OEM and ODM service. The products can be made according to your request.
  • QWhat is payment terms?

    AT/T & L/C at sight.
  • QHow long is lead time ?

    ALead time for 2000pcs is 10 days.As a manufacturer, we can provide you good quality product with fast delivery and prompt service!
  • QMonthly outpout?

    A120,000 units.
  • QAre you a manufacturer or a trader?

    AWe have been professional manufacturer in electronic scales since 2001, We have our own R&D center. Our company is located in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu Province, China.
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