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Perfect scale for your kitchen needs

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Kitchen scales are a vital kitchen aid. With a handy digital kitchen scale at your disposal, you can skip the guesswork and weigh your ingredients precisely.

Suofei SF 400A - Digital Kitchen Scale is a light-weight, portable, and reasonably priced scale that is affordable to every pocket. It can be used with either AA batteries or AC/DC 6V adapter.

This is a professional scale designed for kitchen, mail room or even your workshop. It has a large round washable tray for routine cleaning .These are electronic and mechanical equipment which are build with precision accuracy for related application.

About this item

· Both battery and electricity operated

· Max Capacity: 10 kg, Min Capacity:1kg; division 1 gm

· Works on 2 aaa pencil cells and has a power slot also

· Large lcd showing 5 digits and 20 mm height

· Conversion of g / kg / lb / oz

· Adapter can be choice with the scale

SF-400A kitchen scale, live healthier with a scale that is perfect for your kitchen needs.